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Lacework Edge Resources

Resources make up some of the basic elements of the Lacework Edge configuration model. They comprise the building block elements of the configuration, and are often the first things you'll want to configure when deploying Lacework Edge. For example, applications and connectors are the basic elements of policies. Files and documents are the basic elements of document security.

You can access the resources area of the Lacework Edge Console by clicking Resources from the top menu, and selecting the specific resource you want to see from the list.

The list is made up of these components.

  • Applications: Internal and external applications accessed by your users.
  • Connectors: Agents that provide and control access to applications.
  • Files and Documents: The files and documents owned by your organization that you want to secure and monitor.
  • Lists: Collections of items that are used in various runtime and configuration contexts in Lacework Edge, such as countries of concern, sensitive document title keywords, trusted domains, and more.