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Lacework Edge Clients

The Lacework Edge Clients run inside an end-users desktop, connect to the Lacework Edge PoPs to route traffic through Lacework Edge, and provide security of and access to resources protected by Lacework Edge.

Comparison of Lacework Edge Clients

OS ClientBrowser
RequirementsMacOS 12.4+, Windows 10/11, Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu 22+), iOS/iPadOS 16Firefox, Chrome/Chromium*/Edge*/Arc* (*officially unsupported, works w/ Chrome extension)
AdvantagesCollects device posture, GPS-based location, manages all network traffic for a deviceEasy to deploy, no OS-level installation, does not require certificate to collect URL information
DisadvantagesOS-level installer, requires certificate installation to read URLs of outbound traffic.Only manages traffic from that browser, does not collect device posture or GPS-based location.
Deployment StrategiesCan be deployed using an MDM.
Mac: .pkg installer available, Custom Profiles available for use (.mobileconfig format)
Win: .msi installer available
Can be deployed using Google Workplace Policies or an MDM.