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Lacework Edge Integrations

The Lacework Edge platform uses integrations with third-parties to:

  • Rely on your single sign-on provider for authentication and authorization.
  • Sync with your company's users, groups, and applications and document metadata.
  • Correlate users with activity logs from those sources and Lacework Edge activity to make informed decisions about user risk and anomalies.
  • Export Lacework Edge Logs for ingestion by your Event Management or Data Warehouse tools.

We recommend that you integrate the services in the following order:

  1. SSO/SAML Provider - Use your single sign-on provider for authentication and authorization to Lacework Edge.
  2. Identity Provider - Sync your company's users, groups, IdP-governed applications, and activity logs to Lacework Edge.
  3. Document & Data Repositories - Sync your doc metadata and/or activity logs of various SaaS platforms to Lacework Edge.